M3 Tanks

M3 Tanks

June 1942. “M-3 tanks in action. Fort Knox, Kentucky.” View full size. 4×5 Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer for the Office of War Information.

From Shorpy.


  1. AH. The faithful M-3 tank. Memories of Boggie in SAHARA! Any of you youngins remember the movie ‘SAHARA? Sahara, the movie, although not usually contained in the compendium of Bogey’s best is a rousing WWII action movie. The plot involving a rag tag group of allied soldiers,along with Bogey’s M-3 Grant Tank ‘Lulu Belle’ holding a North African water-well against a motorized battalion of the Afrika Korps is enough to set the tone of this movie. I will not go into the plot any further but state that it was filmed in 1943 and it was a morale booster. The acting is first rate and the fact that an African-American actor, Rex Ingram (African-American) was treated as an equal, as Sergeant-Major Tambul, Fourth Sudanese Battalion was far ahead of his time. A movie I see every time it plays. It was remade for TV with James Belushi playing the Bogart role as Master Sergeant Joe Gunn, USA and was a good movie in its own right. However, the Bogart version sets the standard. You Betcha!!

  2. Just want to 2nd Toejam’s comment. It was a great movie although I have not seen it in years. RE the M3, you gotta love a tank with a 37mm secondary armament.

  3. Not sure I’d want to go to war in one unless it was against Mexico, but what a gorgeous photograph, nothing beats a 4×5 Kodachrome. And yes totally, SAHARA was/is a pretty cool movie.