I wanted to put together a big post commemorating the battle of Midway in 1942, but I had no time.

Luckily, my post from 2006 on the subject is still available.

Here’s a pic:

Battle of Midway Dauntless SBD on USS Yorktown

A Douglas SBD-3 “Dauntless” scout bomber (Bureau # 4542), of USS Enterprise’s Bombing Squadron Six (VB-6), on USS Yorktown (CV-5) after landing at about 1140 hrs on 4 June 1942. This plane, damaged during the attack on the Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga that morning, landed on Yorktown as it was low on fuel. It was later lost with the carrier.

Its crew, Ensign George H. Goldsmith, pilot, and Radioman 1st Class James W. Patterson, Jr., are still in the cockpit.

Note damage to the horizontal tail.


  1. I have always liked Midway because it is a classic battle in which you could count on one hand the number of nations that could have fought it. There is little room for debating how country A or B could have done it better because those countries probably did not have the navy to do it. The USSR could not have done it even though they did fight the monster land battles. At that time it was probably just the USA, Japan and the UK that had the fleets to do this. I also like Midway because it is just military v. military no civilian casualties or atrocities. There were few POWs so abuses there were kept to a minimum too. There were no moral questions or touchy feely crap to ruin it. It was just one military trying to destroy the equipment of another.