It seems that things are working fine again with comment posting now that I’ve disable the CAPTCHA thing and opened them up to everyone.

To control comment spam, I’ve set it up so that comments close on old posts after 45 days. What this means is that after a month and a half no one can leave comments on a particular post. I’ve always resisted doing this because I’ve had a number of good tips via comments on old posts, but the spam thing and performance at my host has necessitated it. If someone really, really needs to leave a comment on an old post, email me and we can maybe revisit the topic.

Between MT’s built-in anti-spam stuff and a few add-ons, I seem to have things under control. Hopefully this means I will be able to spend more time posting stuff and responding to comments and less time performing maintenance. Also, I’ve turned off the whole registration system, so those of you who have been unable to register or sign in should be able to stop swearing at me now.

If anyone encounters any issues, please let me know.

Carry on.

UPDATE: One comment-related issue that has not been resolved is the comment count on the main page. Often, after leaving a comment on a post, the front page will still say Comments (0). This has to do with a rebuilding problem which does not appear to be directly related to the commenting system. I’m still trying to figure out what happened there, but rest assured that your comment did publish and will be visible on the individual post page like usual.


  1. The reason comments aren’t showing on the home page, after they’ve been left on the individual stories is you’re being monitored by one or more ‘agencies’ for deviant ideas, antisocial sentiment, & casual trampling of other’s sensitivities. The surrepticious comment monitoring program causes present comments to ‘not appear’ on the home page. Flanker…………….aka Peoples Commissar for Correct and Virtuous Thought PS: Just trying to save you from disgrace after the revolution. 🙂