Murdoc has entered the building

I’m back. Sorry for the light posting.

Last night we were stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident for two hours between Chicago and Gary, IN. We litterally moved about four miles in just over two hours. No kidding.

There were three lanes, but everyone was instructed to move to the far right lane. When I saw a chance I moved over. Many others, of course, didn’t. That brings up a question.

What are your thoughts on following the rules in such a situation?

We sat in that lane for hours, and this was already after nearly ten hours on the road. Many of the cars that zipped past us saved a great deal of time. Is it morally “wrong” to do that? Or is it just “cattle” mentality to sit in the far right lane although the other lanes would allow me to move up without endangering ourselves or anyone else? I stayed in the right lane, so you know what my conclusion was last night, but I won’t say that I wasn’t close to choosing the other path.

Let me know what you think.


  1. It’s WRONG to zip past a line to get in front of others that were there first. I make every effort NOT to let those people in, and it brings great joy to my heart when I see a jerk driver forced to stop on the shuolder of the road because no one would let him in when he or she tried that. (And you can thell THEY are the ones that get mad! It’s beautiful!) Due to the intersection at which I get on the highway, I see this every day. Most of them get away with it. I’m SOOOOOO happy when I’m the one who keeps them getting away with it. Anyway, those people have to live with themselves. Not that the traffic thing is a capital crime or anything, but you can tell how they treat those around them, and it can’t be a pleasant life to live. Sad part is they’re too stupid to realize it… ***

  2. What are your thoughts on following the rules in such a situation?’ If I’m asked to do something like get in one really slow lane I’d do it. Someone’s life may be on the line, after all. Speed counts, seconds matter, and it might be ME the next time who’s on the tarmac and tasting my own blood while waiting for the ambulance. James ***