Murdoc Strikes Oil?

Frak. I don’t think I’ve had so much comment action on any topic since I blogged about the XM8. Or maybe those big ships with the big guns that cannot be named because then the lunatics folks with passionate interests in the surface fleet REALLY come out to play…

I’ve actually got a lot more to write about what I think the current oil situation is and where it’s going and how it can be made much worse quite easily. Much of what I’m thinking and believing is supported by some of the arguments I’m seeing made in the comments section, even by some who I don’t really agree with about the overall picture. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ll write more tomorrow if I get a chance and you can shoot holes in all of that, too.

I’m sure glad the comments issues seem to be worked out. Is anyone experiencing any problems posting?


  1. yea sometimes when i visit the site i dont see any posts at all it says only ‘Next Page’ on the top and when i click it goes to older posts i have to retry at least 5 times before it shows the posts also i ship off in 5 days for boot haha

  2. Sir I am not a lunatic, merely passionate about big guns to blow up Somalian pirates. Yours Phillip

  3. The energy issue is one of the most important and frustrating issues of our time. It is related to issues in the Middle East – since they have lots of oil and are not hesitant to drill it – and enjoy funding terrorism with the profits. It is tied in to the whole ‘global warming’ scam – and those scammers won’t accept nuclear as a substitute for fossil fuels. And, it is tied to governmental waste of our tax dollars through tariffs and subsidies of ethanol – the non-answer to our energy needs. It could win McCain the presidency if he can get himself on the right side of the issue. It could severely damage our economy if we do not allow supply to increase. The cap and trade bill would effectively destroy all economic growth in my lifetime and applying for jobs in Chile. Big stuff.