Send Murdoc to Blackwater

Are you guys voting for me? Send Gun Pundit to three days of training at Blackwater USA with Todd Jarrett and Para USA.

Enter yourself to be the 11th man.


  1. NP, Bro…………I stuffed the ballot box for you the other day when you first posted this [I don’t think Blackwater saw me doing it! :)]. I tried to post a comment to let you know I had, but the ecurity agnecy monitoring program I mentioned last week, prevented me from doing so as my comment might have heedlessly trampled someone else’s sensitivities. Bummer!

  2. Oh, oh! 🙁 Just kidding……………I only voted for you once. I still have hopes of maybe working for Blackwater some day!

  3. ‘Enter yourself to be the 11th man’. OH my Murdoc. How very disingenuous of you to assume a female couldn’t be that 11th PERSON!