Australian LAV with Slat Armor

Australian Army LAV with Slat Armor

An Australian Light Armoured Vehicle drives onto a semi trailer for transport from Ali Air Base, Tallil, Iraq.

Not sure that I’ve seen a pic of Aussie LAVs with slat armor.

And I still think a 25mm or 30mm on a Stryker makes sense.


  1. If a Stryker had a 25 or 30mm then it would be a LAV III, sometimes known as a ‘Kodiak’. Cheers

  2. What would adding a turret with the 25mm do to the weight? Right now it is around 38,000 pounds. It was supposed to be lighter than the bradley (50,000 lbs) to be c-130 deployable. If it gets any heavier, it might not be.

  3. I think you are correct about this being the LAV-25. I just noticed the exposed muffler on the right side. I also just noticed the Aussie warning about ‘left hand drive’ on the ramp door. DJ – I don’t think a CH-53 can sling two Strykers. The stryker is significantly heavier than the LAV-25. Also, the weight problem that I referred to was threatening to compromise its deployable range on the C-130. Originally they wanted a C-130 to not just be able to take off with a Stryker, but to haul it 1000 miles. The heavier it gets the less its deployable range. I think they ended up eliminating the 1000 mile requirement.

  4. 11Bravo Clarification. I ment they can haul two LAV-25s which is the 25mm armed version of the LAV-III. The USMC does it occasionally but they bolt them together for stability. The problem with the Stryker is all of its extra gold platted toys have made it overweight. A MH53 could only handle one of them…

  5. I’d be interested to know if the slat armor that the Aussies are using is as effective as what we are using on the Stryker. I have noticed that their’s is up against the vehicle instead of three feet out. If it is effective that would solve one of the mobility issues that the Strykers have in urban areas. We saw several of them when I was stationed at Tallil, they all had varying degrees of the slat armor installed.

  6. Stryker <> LAV even though they are very similar. Still, a Stryker could take a 25mm turret, or a LW30mm turret. Styker actually demo’d an M230 30mm cannon (Apache cannon) on a remote weapons station in 2004, but an electrical glitch caused the gun to traverse onto the bleachers at the range (luckily after all the onboard ammo was expended). The Stryker proponency office at Ft Benning and one of the manufacturers pushed for a second demo, but I don’t know if it ever happened. It’s give them a little more flexibility than .50/Mk19 without the weight and collateral damage penalty of the 105mm … though by all reports the 105mm MGS is doing well.

  7. oops. That first sentence should read: ‘Stryker [is not a] LAV though they are very similar.’

  8. I’ll wait for Shek to weigh in on the 25mm turret. (Think it would compromise C-130 haul-ability) I was impressed by the RWS 30mm, but I’m not a leg so I don’t know if it’s what they would want. Looked damn scary, though.

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