Neighborhood Guard

Iraqi Neighborhhod Guard in Thawra 2

The first recruits of the Neighborhood Guard in the Thawra 2 neighborhood of the Sadr City district of Baghdad hit the streets June 10 to protect their homes and families from a possible resurgence of special groups and criminals that potentially threaten their security. The Neighborhood Guard is a Multi-National Division – Baghdad program in partnership with the Iraqi Army and modeled after the successful Sons of Iraq (Abna al-Iraq) to train Iraqis to protect the neighborhoods where they live and work.

These guys get a khaki uniform, a hat, and a name tag. They’ve volunteered to guard their neighborhood with a rifle. No doubt at least some of them have recently been our enemies, but if they’re serious about making things better they’re another sign that true victory is within reach.


  1. lol sucks for those guys hey Murdoch I ship for bootcamp today Wish me luck 🙂 and thank you DJ Elliot for the advice I plan on achieving ISO and doing everything I can 🙂 ‘Death closes all; but something ere the end, Some work of noble note, may yet be done, Not unbecoming men that strove with Gods.’ – Alfred Tennyson dont worry ill still drop by whenever i can 😛

  2. ‘Livio said: hey Murdoch I ship for bootcamp today’ I wish you all the best of luck Livio. Just remember, Boot Camp may seem endless but take one day at a time, keep your mouth shut except when ordered to speak, when in formation try to position yourself in the middle of the middle rank, and it’ll be a memory (good, believe it or not) soon enough. PS: I do hope Boot Camp in this case is going to be: Parris Island!

  3. Toejam He is enr Great Mistakes. It is going to be a hot and humid summer for him. Enjoy Livio, it is much easier than when I went thru in the summer of 81…

  4. Dude……………if you get there and your DI is some frothing at the mouth R. Lee Ermey lookin’ dude…………..RUN FOR IT! PS: Best of luck to you!