Paintball Gun for Denver PD

Prepping for ’68

Denver is buying 88 Veritas Mark IV .68 caliber less-lethal weapons.

What do we think about the chances of major violent riots at the Dem convention?

I’m thinking it’s going to be more like a Grateful Dead concert than 1965 Watts, 1967 Detroit, 1968 Chicago, or 21st Century Paris.


  1. I doubt there will be a riot in Denver because Obama will probably get the nomination. If he falters and Hillary gets the final vote, then a riot could happen. But as it stands now, this will not be a repeat of 68. However, if Obama loses a close one in the general election, will there be riots in the hood? I bet if there is a repeat of 2000, where McCain wins the electoral vote and Obama wins the popular vote, there would be riots.

  2. I like the idea. If the crowd is out of hand but not armed paint does a good job of marking troublemakers and they hurt. On another topic (sorry for potentially messing up this one) the GAO ruled on the tanker bid. They ruled in favor of Boeing.

    The Air Force ‘conducted misleading and unequal discussions with Boeing’ by telling the company it had fully satisfied a key performance criteria, then later determining that Boeing had only partially met the objective, the GAO said. The GAO’s recommendation to the Air Force punctuated a fight over what is likely to be one of the richest contracts in Pentagon history. Lawmakers from states where Boeing has manufacturing plants were delighted with the GAO ruling. ‘I am not surprised that the GAO identified significant errors in the selection process. The Air Force bought a tanker that doesn’t meet their needs and has been waging a PR campaign ever since,’ Sen. Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, said in a statement. – ABC News

  3. My old agency is using both ultraviolet and visible day glo paint balls (with or without OC in them) to dissuade ‘recalcitrant offenders who’ve remained unswayed by lesser more benign methods’ from further disruptive activity. I agree with the campaign/election scenarios outlined above. Most of you probably don’t know (in addition to all my other outrageous and hyperbolic claims) that I’m a former disturbance control/civil unrest specialist (fair amount of experience too!). Now, as I’m one of those ‘contractor’ (in fairness to myself I’d like to note I’ve never been a ‘trigger happy thug’ from Blackwater……though I’d like to be!) people; I’ve offered my services to the Obama campaign as a ‘threat assessment and mitigation consultant’. My suggested course of action to ameliorate any potential for unrest at the Democratic Convention (no doubt provoked by vicious violance prone reactionary elements from the former regime!) is to provide complimentary ganja laced brownies at ALL Convention functions. Everyone knows a stoned Hippie is a mello Hippie!

  4. ‘provide complimentary ganja laced brownies at ALL Convention functions.’ Flanker, I do believe the Kenyans prefer Khat!

  5. I wonder why they don’t dimple those paint balls like they do golf balls? They’d shoot a lot farther.

  6. I did an internet search on the topic and found out that I’m not the only one to have this thought, but I could not find anyone who had an answer. Perhaps it has something to do with manufacturing problems getting dimples to stay in the soft shells. Of course, if that’s the problem with regular paint balls, it would not apply to some of the solid projectiles they shoot out of this particular gun. Another problem might be the fact that the dimples provide too much gas leakage around the balls in the barrel. That’s as far as I could get on the question. Just something I’ve wondered about for a while now.