Rossi for Governor

Not part of the campaign or an “official” sign, but these have apparently been “popping up all over Eastern Washington.”

Rossi Sign

Readers may recall that MO watched the Washington governor’s race quite closely in 2004.

Found at Random Nuclear Strikes, who writes:

The urban –progressives” haven’t the slightest clue as to just how pissed off a large number of folks on the eastern, and more rural, side of Washington are after the 2004 debacle.

Something I’ve seen in the gun control debate and am now starting to see in other areas is the fact that the “grassroots”-type movements can attract a lot more of the Conservative-ish crowd than has generally been the case. The internet, following on the heels of conservative talk radio, has really opened things up for the Right in ways that used to be the domain of the Left.


  1. Balding Eagle’, who posts here occasionally, was absolutely PRESCIENT with his predictions of the election here in WA four years ago. His claim that there would be recount after recount challenging Rossi’s initial win, each time a ‘lost’ set of ballots would be discovered that would favor the Democrat. Once the balance tipped in Gregiore’s favor, they would stop ‘finding’ new ballots. This is *EXACTLY* what happened in the most liberal county in WA state, King County. King County election workers also PERMANENTLY marked up ‘incomplete’ ballots to destroy any sign of the original voter intent, instead of making copies. This was almost always done with the objection of the Republican observer, who wanted to preserve the original ballot for examination. It was a bit sickening watching it up this close.

  2. OK, I just followed the link. The guy that runs that blog hosts an extreme liberal radio talk show here in WA. I have no problem with someone hosting a liberal talk show, Dave Ross is an example of a great liberal talk show here. However, this guy is a whiny little…I’ll let you fill in the blanks. He’s a PERFECT example of exaclty what’s wrong with politics in our country…right along side his conservative counterparts. He’s not a thinker, he’s a ideological whiner. Read the comments on his post to get an idea of the mentality I am surrounded by here in WA all the time. Unfortunately, I live in King County, where conservative, or even MODERATE is a bit of a dirty word. I also forgot to mention all the felons, deceased, and homeless ballots that ‘came to light’ late in the game.

  3. Washington was certainly different when I grew up there. It was very independent. I never could figure out who they were going to elect next, except for the senators. Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnusen were the two permanent fixtures in the political landscape. Now all those damn Californians have swarmed the place. It’s practially one city from Portland to Seattle. I’m glad I’m not there anymore to live with that. Still a nice place to visit, though.

  4. In my state, Missouri, we have the same problem with St. Louis. Every election those bastards are the last to report. My friends and I swear it is because they want to see what the democrats need to win and then try to supply that number. This is also accompanied by claims there weren’t enough ballots and the federal judge who orders the polls to remain open beyond the scheduled closing time.

  5. Louisiana has the same problem. Well, we HAD the same problem until Hurricane Katrina broke up the big dimmocrat bloc vote in New Orleans. It is disappointing to know that a state full of hard-working conservatives can’t get a decent politician elected because the other side panders to a bloc vote in a big city anthill… MC

  6. Here in Montana, the ‘big’ cities have always been the first to come in with their votes, because they always use voting machines. The vote from smaller towns comes in last because we use paper ballots. It sounds kind of suspicious that you find the opposite to be true in Washington and New Orleans. It’s funny that all the cities in the US that are famous for corruption are run by liberals. Now we have a possible president from Chicago, of all places.

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