1,000th Iraqi Humvee

1000th Iraqi Humvee

Iraqi police officers stand behind an armoured vehicle during a ceremony to commemorate the transfer of the 1000th US-refurbished Humvee vehicle to Iraqi security forces in Taji, 30 kilometers north of Baghdad, Iraq, on Thursday, June 26, 2008. Iraqi security forces completed the delivery of the first 1,000 up-armoured High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), known as ‘Humvee’, previously used by the US military, as part of a program that began in March 2008. Iraqi security forces are expected to receive 8500 Humvees through this program by late 2009.


  1. The replacement of HMMWVs with MRAPs make the HMMWVs surplus to theater needs. So MNSTC-I bought 8500 used HMMWVs with ISF alocated funds from the Dept of the Army to be transfered by end-2009. – As US units trade in their HMMWVs for MRAPs, they strip the HMMWVs of our radios and non-transferable equipment. – Then they are transfered to the IA at Taji. – The IA refurbishes them and uses the refurbishment to train mechanics. – Then they are transfered to ISF units via the USF program which includes training maintainers and drivers. (Those HMMWVs are for the new 12/3 IA Brigade and the Qadisayah Emergency Response Brigade which is transfering to INP.) The ISF gets motorized faster and gets mechanics trained. The Army buys new-version HMMWVs with the money stateside. Shipping the used HMMWVs in theater back to the states is saved. And congress is not amused at how it was done…

  2. Hope their infrastructure for maintining them is better than the one the Afghan National Police had for maintaining all the ‘olice model’ Ford Ranger pickups we were giving them (July ’06-May ’07). The Afghanis had no sense of how to maintain or use anything, so they treated everything we gave them as discardable (if you think Americans are bad as a throw away society………..that’s because you haven’t been to the Stan); if the Rangers were still intact and running at the 5000-10,000mi mark……..it was a miracle. In deference to the Afghanis……….we weren’t much better, the program I was with had been operating for two years and they were just getting a rudimentary supply and maintenance system in place for our fleet of armored Ford F250s and F350s. I saw numerous $150,000 armored trucks that were out of service at the 3500-5000 mile mark for lack of preventative maintenance, parts, and general mistreatment. Yea, I know………..it’s a war and all………..but still that’s a huge waste of your tax dollars in my book.

  3. That’s a custom touch, and signature feature of Achmed’s Auto Style Salon & Pimpin’ Emporium in E. Baghdad. Jingle my ride, Dude! 🙂