End of Debate



  1. Every five years, for as long as I can remember, some place in the country had a ‘100 year storm.’ When I was a kid, that was just what it was: a hundred year storm. Random chance would say that every once in a while you are going to get a storm that out does 99% of the ones before it. When I was ten or twelve, on vacation in Minnesota (doesn’t everyone go there for vakay?), we were lucky enough to experience flooding and tornadoes in the area, just north and west of the twin cities I think we were. Next town over got hit by a twister. No one pointed the finger at humans then. Why are they so certain now?

  2. Of course Global Warming is to blame. Before we came along there were no floods and the climate never changed.

  3. Yup. Ole Mother Earth is sick because it’s loaded with about 6.5 Billion parasites feeding off of it. Doctor Toejam believes there is only one solution and that is to administer a Nuclear Enema to Mother Earth so as to flush out all the bad bugs and germs. I guess the logical place to stick the nozzle is up Mother Earth’s Iranus!

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