Thursday Linkzookery – 03 Jul 2008

Special Thursday edition due to the holiday.

Bosses Delete Outspoken Army Blog
LT G shut down.

Realistic PT For Combat
A lot of training has changed from PC and safe to realistic in the face of, well, the real world. That is a good thing.

Surprising fact: Half of gun deaths are suicides
It’s not surprising to those who follow the gun control debate.

U.S. Satellites Snooping on Iraqi Army
They damn well better be.

U.S., Poland reach accord on interceptors
Negotiators have finalized an agreement to base 10 missile interceptors on Polish soil as part of a U.S. defense shield.

Where’s the “First”?
McCain has gone from “secure the borders first” to “secure the borders.” What I see as the largest gaping hole in the McCain candidacy just keeps getting bigger.

10,000th MRAP Delivered To DoD
Once things got ramped up, these started rolling off the lines left and right. The jury is still out on the long-term place for these vehicles.

EF-52 Back From The Dead
The air force plans to buy 24 sets of pods, for a force of 34 B-52s.

Britain to sign deal for biggest ever aircraft carriers
The Queen Elizabeth class will displace 65,000 tons. The CVF program has been plagued with just about everything, and the French recently indicated that they were no longer interested in teaming up with the Brits and using their design.

Video: Unmanned Quad-Rotorcraft
Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control (STARMAC)

More on the San Francisco Case
Civil rights lawsuit in Sanfranciscostan over guns.

US Oil Consumption Falls Back To 2002 Level
Two decades of government programs couldn’t do half of what $4 gas did in a few months.

‘He just didn’t want to listen’
Man with pregnant wife and child in the house shoots intruder. Luckily, his failure to take the safety off the first time didn’t cost him.

Then & Now: Grown-Up Child Stars Of The Day
Some have aged better than others.

Many Commuters Shift To Motorcycles And Scooters
If I lived and worked where this made sense, I would consider it.

Lots of AKs
A field of weapons captured by Iraqi forces during ops against Sadr’s thugs.


  1. U.S., Poland reach accord on interceptors (Washington Post newspaper) July 3, 2008 NO SO FAST: Reuters published in ‘The Irish Times’ newspaper July 4, 2008 HEADLINE: US OFFER FOR ‘SHIELD’ INSUFFICIENT WARSAW – The US offer to Poland in exchange for having parts of an anti-missile ‘shield’ based on its territory is insufficient, a Polish ruling party source said yesterday. ‘The US proposal is insufficient,’ the source said under the condition of anonymity. ‘Today prime minister Donald Tusk will talk to American vice-president Dick Cheney to see if this still can be changed.’ The source said Washington’s proposed financial support for Poland’s air defences was much lower then Warsaw had expected. The source added that Mr Tusk’s centre-right cabinet would issue an official statement on the US offer this morning. Washington wants to place 10 ground-based interceptor rockets on Polish soil as part of global missile defences it says will protect the US and its European allies from ‘rogue states’ like Iran. – (Reuters)

  2. Putting those interceptors in Poland and that radar in the Czech Republic is such a waste of time and money. Considering parts of our military are in need of billions of dollars, wasting that money in Poland and Czech Republic is just idiotic. And exactly how much money in the form on military aid are we planning to waste on the poles and czechs if this stupid idea goes through?

  3. Eric It is not a jobs program. It is about optimal location for the threat axis. You have to have them in the right area to be effective…

  4. Thanks but I don’t have a problem with building military installations in Poland or the Czech Republic if it’s actually going to be useful having them there. I have a problem on us wasting defense dollars on useless things. Just like when we starting putting those pieces of junk gbi’s missiles up at Fort Greely.

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