Frank J. Gaffney writes about how flex fuel vehicles could help break OPECs stranglehold.


  1. Barack Obama believes that all new vehicles sold in the U.S. should be flexible fuel vehicles’ because he is in the pocket of Agi-businesses. He’s not in favor of lifting tariffs on imported ethonal (and went around telling Democrats how much he hates free trade and Nafta) He is also against domestic oil production and nuclear power. So, the only things he is really for are higher food and gas prices, and a smaller economy.

  2. As an ecologically responsible American (this is a good time to jump up onto something to avoid getting any of the following BS on you) the only vehicle I own is a 530lb, 200HP (at the crank) Kawasaki ZX14 Flex fuel sport bike. It burns premium gasoline……………and rubber. 🙂 Seriously………….the only way I’d consider buying a flex fuel vehicle is if there was no pricing disadvantage to overcome. Yea, they may be nice for the environment, but the only reason I’d consider one is if it’s saving ME money, by being cheaper to own and operate than a similar gasoline engine vehicle.