What a Rush

I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh very much (well, okay, barely ever) but I find this astoundingly humorous:

Limbaugh has signed a stunning mega contract renewal deal with Premiere Radio Networks and parent company Clear Channel Communications.

Said to be Limbaugh’s most lucrative deal ever by far, the new agreement runs through 2016 and includes a previously unheard-of nine figure signing bonus. For those of you in Rio Linda, that means more than $100 million, upfront.

Obviously, Rush brings in a lot of listeners. Clear Channel probably suspects that an Obama victory this fall will just drive Limbaugh’s numbers even higher.

That’s got to drive a lot of Lefites absolutely nucking futs.

Speaking of nucking futs, check out some of the comments on that post:

Premiere I suppose feel that his 80+ year old demographics are worth 9 figures. Do his listeners even operate without a life support machine attached to them?

I once ran a campaign on the Rush “enemy of America, enemy of freedom” pill-poppimg, hooker soliciting Limbaugh program. The esponse was horrible, worst wast of $500,000 ever. Are the people at premiere on heroin?

Seriously sho listens to this filthy degenerate? Benson? that appears to be all. Radio is a dead medium. I hope premiere goes 100% bankrupt and Limbaugh deserves to have a stroke. The worst enemy of America.


Rush is a horrible person, Brian. Anyone with decency would hate him. He is one of the few people I find acceptable to want dead. Limbaugh and Bin Laden. Nothing wrong with wanting him to drop dead, praying for him to drop dead either. I think when he overdoses, you will see a world wide celebration. I personally would urinate on his grave on a daily basis. I would move next door to where he is buried, and piss on his grave over and over and over.

If Clear Channel pays this man 9 figures, they need to be shuit down, immediatly. It is time to shut down any group that backs Anti-people propaganda, Rush is an enemy of the people. Clear Channel, should be surrounded with armed citizens, and the executives of Clear channel assasinated, one by one.

Rush = Bin Laden and the radio station executives should be assassinated?

Nucking futs.