Truther Dog

Truther Dog

Are you kidding me?

The painting depicts a dog wearing a stars-and-stripes blindfold and surrounded by a ring of seven stars. [Artist Nathan] Janes explains that, “The stars represent World Trade Center Building Seven, which mysteriously fell on September 11 even though it was not hit by an airplane nor sustained any major fires or damage from the collapse of WTC Buildings One and Two.” The patriotic blindfold represents the apprehension that many Americans have in accepting that the government could be capable of intentionally harming its citizens. Also depicted in the painting is the ‘All Seeing Eye’ and stealth bombers, which Janes says represent the power that the government has seized over the American people in modern times.

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  1. My wife worked once a week in 7 World Trade (wasn’t there THAT day, luckily). It was a fairly crappy office building by NY standards. Why a government conspiracy would want to knock it down (without killing anyone inside) is beyond me. Two 110 story buildings collapsing against a 45 story building seems like a decent explanation for why it fell. None of her co-workers who were there that day were the least but suspicious about why the building fell.

  2. Bram, The twoofers are like jock itch. No matter how much you do to cleanse away the infection, it still manages to mutate and retirn. If these idiots pyt hal;f as much effort into gainful employment as they do into this NWO crap, they’d be able to get out of their parent’s basement apartment and stop working at the local Burger King.

  3. What would the military budget look like today but for 911?The CIA budget?NSA budget?FBI budget? Would we have have heaps of military force right on top the world’s largest reserves of of a limited resource our which our economy is TOTALLY dependent?Of course not!Think!

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