Murdoc the Untruther


Murdock [sic] Online is attempting to dismiss 9/11 Truth, yet I have a feeling it will only entice people to look into the events of 9/11. With the recent news about WTC7, I thought people may want to leave comments of information for the clueless that visit this site. Remember, it’s an infowar and we must drop as many infobombs as we can to defeat this NWO scum that threatens our liberty.

The guy apparently didn’t like my post on the Truther Dog.


  1. I like the fact that this guy (not Murdoc, other guy) is trying to get information out there… in what seems to be a battle to suppress other information. Clearly not a man who believes in the freedom to express opinions, or even have access to other opinions! The irony! I personally don’t think there is a conspiracy… because simple to say… look at the actual conspiracies in the past. All questions that people asked the government when they were hiding information had answers! I think it is the most stupid thing ever that if the government would try to cover something up that they would simply not have answers. It’s the first thing in politics is to have some answer!

  2. Murdoc, The twoofers are like jock itch. No matter how much you do to cleanse away the infection, it still manages to mutate and retirn. If these idiots pyt hal;f as much effort into gainful employment as they do into this NWO crap, they’d be able to get out of their parent’s basement apartment and stop working at the local Burger King. Lookit here: I’m a 32md Degree Mason. If we were as powerful as everyone seems to think we are, I wouldn’t be hanging around blogs and trying to make ends meet. Unless, of course, it was simply a cover for my actual work as an intel officer for the NWO. Did I tell you about the new black helicopters my lodge recently purchased from the Trilateral Comission? WE got dinancing through the Bilderburgers as part of a special investment scheme, available only to Freemasons and members of Skull & Bones. Oh wait… you weren’t sipposed to hear that part.

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