Still No USS Montana

Navy Names Two Virginia Class Submarines

The Navy announced today that the next two Virginia-class attack submarines will be named the USS Minnesota and the USS North Dakota.

The selection of Minnesota, designated SSN 783, honors the state’s citizens and their continued support to our nation’s military. Minnesota has a long tradition of honoring its veterans of wars past and present. The state is proud to be home to 46 Medal of Honor recipients that span from the Civil War to the Vietnam War.

This will be the third ship to bear the state name. The first USS Minnesota, a sailing steam frigate, was commissioned in 1857 and served during the Civil War, remaining in service until her decommissioning in 1898. The second Minnesota was commissioned in 1907. On December 16, 1907 she departed Hampton Roads as one of the 16 battleships of the Great White Fleet sent by President Theodore Roosevelt on a voyage around the world. She continued her service through World War I, and was decommissioned in 1921.

The selection of the North Dakota, designated SSN 784, honors the state’s citizens and veterans and their strong military support and heritage from the Frontier Wars through the Cold War and currently the Global War on Terrorism. Seventeen North Dakotans have received the Medal of Honor for actions in combat,including Master Sgt. Woodrow W. Keeble who posthumously received the Medal of Honor during a White House ceremony on March 3, 2008. This is the second ship to bear the name North Dakota. The first ship, the Delaware-class battleship USS North Dakota , was in service from 1910 through 1923.

I grew up in Minnesota, and it always bothered me that there was no ship named for my state in WW2 or later.

Of course, the Montana residents that care must be about near tears at this point. Both of these states haven’t had ships for quite a while, so maybe a Montana is coming soon.


  1. It irked me a bit to read the Navy’s announcement that an earlier NORTH DAKOTA was a member of the DELAWARE class. It’s been a long time for the Home of Tax-Free Shopping, too. The Navy missed a golden opportunity to balance geographically and honor the First State at the same time… And are we ever going to have another ship named UNITED STATES? CVN 79 or LHA 7 would seem to offer good opportunities.