They’re Still There, He’s All Gone

U.S. troops quit remote Afghan base after attack

This is not how you win:

U.S. and Afghan troops have abandoned a remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan where militants killed nine American soldiers earlier this week, officials said Wednesday…

NATO confirmed that the post, which lies amid precipitous mountains close to the Pakistan border, had been vacated while insisting that international and Afghan troops will “retain a strong presence in that area with patrolling and other means.”

“We are committed, now more than ever, to establishing a secure environment that will allow even greater opportunities for development and a stronger Afghan governmental influence,” NATO spokesman Capt. Mike Finney said.

Omar Sami, spokesman for the Nuristan provincial governor, said American and Afghan soldiers quit the base on Tuesday afternoon. He said they took the district mayor with them.

US troops armed some police officers before they left, but the officers immediately fled after enemy forces entered the area.

Things appear on the verge of spiraling out of nominal control in Afghanistan. It’s going to take more troops, and if NATO members aren’t going to send them, you know who will have to pick up the slack.


  1. Shouldn’t whoever is the chair of the Afghanistan ops congressional oversight committee call a meeting sometime to assess the situation? I’ve heard that whoever it was that was appointed isn’t really interested in doing their job, but maybe that was just a rumor.

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