Back to School Look

Happened to notice this on the front page of the Nike Store:

Nike Back to School

Do kids really want to look like these girls? If so, why?

Hey, look at me! I’m not just any dumb wasted-looking chick, mister! I’m a dumb wasted-looking chick with cool Nike gear.


  1. In my opinion those two girls blond/brunette are pretty nice looking. Especially the brunette. I think the older generation (you 😛 ) is just trying to impose what you think should be correct on the current one. Why not just let people be. If girls want to look like that why not let them? Plenty of other girls look very different from this picture.

  2. Nike is using 20-something model babes to separate the 13-year old girls from their weekly allowance. Nike spends millions in research and media blitz to sell their silly crapolla to imature women. Guess what? It works. Take it as fact from the father of a 13-year old, peer pressure influenced girl. They all want to be ‘individuals’ and look like each other???? Then on the second hand I recently recovered some photos of myself taken when I was much younger. And I guess the expensive, outrageous plumage is part of the human mating ritual. OMFG!!…..I look just like Mike Stivic (The Meathead) in the ‘All in the family’ 1970’s sitcom.

  3. The one in the middle looks like a junkie that walked in front of my taxi a few years ago, just walked out not looking at the traffic. She swore at me for almost hitting her!

  4. For the record, I’m more amused by the decision by Nike’s marketing to use this sort of image to sell things than by real girls who really look like that. I absolutely think that things I think look nice look nicer than things I don’t think look nice. Duh. Anyone who says that they think things they think don’t look nice look as nice as things they do think look nice is either confused or lying. That should go without saying, but you get all sorts of people who carry on about how everything is nice. It isn’t. I’m not imposing my views on anyone. I’m just telling them that I don’t happen to embrace them. Tolerate them? Sure, in most cases. Embrace? Why would I? Nike apparently chose this image because they think it will help sell. Given Nike’s market position, I’m inclined to think that Nike’s marketing department knows what it’s doing. I just think it’s less than flattering for the girls in the picture, and my old-fashioned self thinks it makes them look more than a little like bitches with bad attitudes and badder reputations. And the one of the right looks wasted. If that’s what girls are going for, I can’t stop them. They’re not my girls. So everyone that thinks using trampy-looking girls who look like bitchy bad-ass wastoids to sell T-shirts and shoes is okay will also agree that using 87 pound anorexic models who look like they just escaped from a concentration camp to sell dresses is also okay, right? If not, what’s the difference?

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