Friday Linkzookery – 01 Aug 2008

Adventurer Steve Fossett ‘may have faked his own death’
Not sure that I’m buying this but things do seem a bit weird. It also seems like insurance investigators are trying to nix the payment.

USAF Sets Orbital Spaceplane Test Flight
X-37B OTV will fly in November aboard an Atlas V.

Navy: No need to add DDG 1000s after all
Sudden about-face on this. Expect about fifteen more in the next 5-10 years.

Bring the Troops Home Now, so we can protest them
Idiots in Washington state continue to protest equipment returning from Iraq.

Befuddled Media Invests in Kleenex
CNN’s Jack Cafferty can’t figure out why isn’t Obama doing better in the polls.

Running the War in Iraq

Running the War in Iraq by Jim Molan

Australia Riding U.S. Coattails in War?
A recently-retired Australian general has written a book accusing the Aussie military of deliberately avoiding heavy combat.

The Sniper Revolution
More snipers in combat and more aimed shots from standard infantry.

New NFL rules for 2008
I’m not sure that I like the elimination of the forceout rule for receivers, but the eliminatin of the incidental facemask penalty and the option for teams winning the coin toss to defer to the second half are both good and overdue.

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape Dying Planet
“Perhaps he will succeed where I have failed,” Gore said.

Startup Converting Ford F-150s Into 41 MPG Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Prototype conversions currently cost $60,000.

Someone Call the A-Team
Cause the police ain’t doin shit.

Favre reportedly mulling offer to stay retired
There’s no chance whatsoever that threats to return to the NFL had anything to do with this negotiation. Zip. Nada.

It’s time to declare a moratorium on any and all coverage of Michelle Obama and her children
If they don’t want the spotlight on them they need to stop stepping into the spotlight.

The Biggest Guns in Human History
Things that go BOOM.

Five Hot Dogs That Will Kill You
Including Paula Deen’s Lard Dog.

8 People Who Will Ruin Your Party
Don’t be one of these 8 people. Unless you can successfully pull of three at once, which is cool.

Friday Gunzookery
More links at GunPundit.


  1. The more I hear about the 6.5 Grendel, the more I like it to. Make it standard issue with a 20′ barrel bullpup. Every Marine wants to be a sharpshooter – give them the tools & make them even deadlier.

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