USA Today notices the low casualties in Iraq

July troop deaths in Iraq may be lowest of war

At least someone is pointing it out:

There have been six U.S. combat deaths so far in July, according to a USA TODAY database. The lowest monthly number was eight in May 2003, slightly more than a month after the invasion. Iraqi civilian deaths also have dropped.

iCasualites has five so far, not six, as I pointed out last Wednesday.

The USA Today story points out that low levels of violence are “considered a key condition for allowing a further drawdown in American forces”

This is absolutely correct, and it is what war supporters have been saying since day one. The fact that anti-war types have suddenly adopted it is fairly amusing.

Two years ago it was high casualties and the lack of political progress that underscored the need to withdraw. Today it’s low casualties and lots of political progress that underscore the need to withdraw.