Upgraded Burkes

Old Destroyer to Get Tech Makeover?

Among the advanced technologies being considered for the “extra” Burke-class ships to be built instead of five DD(X) ships are a hybrid propulsion system and the 155mm Advanced Gun System.

We’ve discussed putting the AGS on Burkes before. It seems the the system would fit but that there’s only room for 120 rounds in the magazine.

Something else being looked at is a “non-combat adjunct ship,” sort of an AWACS ship with advanced sensors. This is something I’ve brought up before, and I wonder if a high-tech stand-off SEAWACS directing swarms of LCSs or gunboats might not be worth a look.

UPDATE: Aegis Triumphant

So far, the seagoing Aegis radar system has used SM-3s to knock down nearly 90 percent of the test missiles fired towards it. This includes shooting down a low flying space satellite. There are 18 U.S. Navy ships equipped with SM-3, and the navy would like enough money to equip all of its Aegis equipped ships (90) with the SM-3. This is expensive, as it costs a few million bucks to upgrade the Aegis radar and install the new software. And then there are the SM-3 missiles, which cost three million dollars each. The navy won’t say how many SM-3 missiles are on each ship equipped to handle them, but it’s probably something like at least a dozen. So to equip over 80 additional Aegis ships with SM-3 would cost over three billion dollars.

The DD(X) radar would not readily work with the Aegis ballistic missile defense system.


  1. The DDX with all its high tech, got killed by a tech advance. Beamforming radar. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military_law/4246901.html Basically, beamforming overcomes the ‘advantages’ of stealth ships as stealth ships were believed to the answer wave wave attacks. Those who know the tactical limitations of the Aegis system, are sleeping much better now that beamforming has been let out the dark. Murdoc I think you are on to a good idea, but you got it backwards. The ‘real’ advantage of beamforming beyond the obvious multi-targeting ability is its incredible ability for data sharing. Now we can truly have bulk arsenal ships in a battlegroup that can use the aegis systems for fire control. A fast double hulled converted container ship could literally house hundreds VLS cells and or several AGS mounts. . Of course an Iowa BB would make an excellent arsenal ship…..

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