Plug-In Hybrids

Not a lot of time, but there’s a good post up at Instapundit on Obama’s call for 1,000,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2015.

FWIW, I support the plug-in hybrid car in theory. I’d buy one for my commute car today if they were ready for prime time and I could afford it. I think a lot of people would.

I’ll keep my gasoline-powered minivan for my family vehicle, though.

As for the electrical energy required to make plug-ins worth it, go nuclear, baby.

One thing the Instapundit post touches on that is usually ignored is the transmission of electrical power rather than the generation. Though many systems are pushed too close to the limit, it’s usually the actual transport system for energy that is at fault for major problems. Not to mention the amount lost over long distances.

More smaller plants would help this, but then you lose some of the power of scale.

Where’s Mr. Fusion when you need him?


  1. It’s a joke when a liberal Democrat like Obama talks about running electric cars. The envirocrits that call their tune don’t want us building any more electrical capacity, either. The Democrat governor of Kansas recently vetoed building two coal-fired plants in that state: Governor Sebelius has been talked about as a possible running-mate for Obama. I can’t wait for the day the public figures out how much the liberals/envirocrits have torpedoed our economy.

  2. More smaller plants would help this, but then you lose some of the power of scale.’ ‘Efficiency/economy of scale’ is the expression you are looking for. Which btw has been shrinking in optimum size regularly. ‘Big’ power plants are less effective overall than ‘smaller’ power plants, generally speaking.

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