Border Insecurity

Mexican soldiers enter state, hold border agent at gunpoint

Four Mexican army soldiers entered southern Arizona and pointed their rifles at a U.S. Border Patrol agent early this week, the Border Patrol said.

The incident Sunday was the Mexican military’s 43rd incursion across the U.S. border since October, the agency said. However, it was unusual because firearms were involved. The Border Patrol and the Mexican government are investigating, Border Patrol spokesman Mike Scioli said.

Murdoc would like to be very clear about this. Sometimes I use snarkiness and sarcasm here, but this is straight-up exactly what I mean:

US military force should have been used against these four Mexican soldiers. They should all have been killed as quickly and violently as possible. Aircraft should have been used to kill and destroy any supporting Mexican forces on the Mexican side of the border. Any military and/or police forces should have been assumed to be “supporting.”

I would prefer that our aircraft stayed on our side of the border and destroyed their targets from our airspace, but I’m not terribly picky about that, particularly considering it would have been in response to an armed military incursion.

Again, I want to reiterate that this is not sarcasm. If our national policy is not to immediately destroy foreign military forces of any kind here without invitation, we are in trouble.

Obviously, we are in trouble.


  1. MURDOC! DUDE! CHILL! I am all for making a point, but I think your point is a tad extreme. We are NOT in a military conflict with Mexico. We DO need to control our borders, we do NOT need air strikes on Mexico. Lets be blunt here. There is no realistic way for the US to seal the border without Mexican assistance. Without their help, to seal the border would not take the 82nd airborne, it would the entire US Marine corps.

  2. MO, I agree with you on this. Thanks for the post. The more you allow these incidents to happen without consequences the more immaterial the border becomes.

  3. I have to say that seems to me like overkill, literally =) To play devil’s advocate, I would not be surprised to learn that drug runners dress up as border patrol agents. And despite the article stating the border fence was clearly visible, maybe the troops were disoriented and really didn’t know where they were. Or perhaps they thought a border breach would be forgiven if they netted a bad guy. Perhaps I’m displaying my naivety, but what does Mexico stand to gain by intentionally violating the border, militarily that is? We all know they are deliberately encouraging the citizens to violate the border, but I don’t think anyone is advocating air strikes on illegals, yet anyway. Ratcheting up the response like that to an armed incursion with plausible, if not entirely likely excuses would just make the situation worse. As it is, the Mexican government is fighting a drug war that amounts to an insurgency, a war funded in large part by American drug money. I’d prefer to keep things calmer as long as the situation seems to warrant it. But then I might be showing my ignorance to deeper matters I am unaware of.

  4. First of all, the Mexican government has been claiming that these are not their troops, which means they are armed criminals threatening our law enforcement with heavy firepower. You know, terrorists? Frag them. Then sift the remains. If they are Mexican military, then Mexico HAS to admit to crossing our border illigally, in voilation of treaty and either stop it or we go to war. If they are the drug cartels, then we can declare them terrorist invaders and tell Mexico, to step aside or we will declare them enemies just like we did the Taliban and Iraq, and clean their clocks too. Second of all, various factions in the US (made of illigals from mexico) and in Mexico have been claiming that the south west US is theirs anyway, and that they are going to take it back. You do the math on that one. On a more general level, if we are unwilling to respond with force to an armed, threatening, border incursion, what does that say to a potential invader? They are testing our resolve. Time to show them how resolute we can be. Frag them.

  5. James: Lets be blunt here. There is no realistic way for the US to seal the border without Mexican assistance. Assistance from the guys crossing the border and drawing on our Border Patrol? Assistance from the guys who help direct crossers to spots they know to be open? Assistance from the guys who do not appear to have the interest or inclination to do anything to help? Those guys?

  6. Murdoc, I agree 100%! They need to be taken out. Regardless of whether they’re Mexican soldiers or narco-terrorists, they’re confronting US LE and they need to be dealt with, in a lethal manner. Spot-on to Coolhand!

  7. Just curious, but if US military or LE persons were to be caught entering Mexico illegally in a similar manner, (mexico’s law of course) and an ensuing fight killed the Americans, what would you say then?

  8. We would be at fault, wouldn’t we? Thats not the point. We ARN’T doing that, THEY ARE invading our territory. Good neighbors my ass, they voilate their treaties with us all the time and we just whine and bitch about it. Next time they slap us in the face like that, its time to punch them in the nose, and draw a little blood. They made contact FIRST. Like I told the last guy who punched me first, ‘MY TURN’.

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