Argghhh: Georgia

Kat on Argghhh!!! asks Why Not Ossetian Independence?

And also notes Ukraine Angst

Murdoc’s guess is that heavy Russain aerial bombardment is not going to do much to convince the Georgians that they don’t want US defense systems.


  1. The Russians took Gori and are marching on the capital. There won’t be a Georgia by the end of the week unless somebody does something B2’ish pretty soon.

  2. Yeah, saw it on BBC news. Frankly, they’re right, BBC news I mean. Russia is in a position where it can effectively tell them to disarm and be absorbed peacefully or they’ll be bombed and attacked until the country falls.

  3. MO, I still think you have problems with your site. Over the last couple weeks I have not been able to post the majority of the time. I fill out the form but it errors out during submission. Page Not Found Page not found – /cgi-bin/mt/feedback.cgi I also noticed that your overall comments are quite low compared to earlier times. So I wonder if other users are having the same trouble. I would think with your recent posts on the Mexican border incursion and the Russian-Georgian conflict there would be many more comments. I remember the huge thread during the Airbus tanker selection a few months back. Anyways, I just wanted to give you a heads up. Hopefully you can get it going again.

  4. Yup Murdoc, You comment section has some serious gremlin issues. About 65% of the time I get error messages when I try to post a comment. Then again maybe you’re trying to tell me something! (HEH)

  5. Too bad we don’t have a pres that will stand by our allies when need be and help is requested. Our founders didn’t want us going in and meddeling unless asked, but Georga is BEGGING for help. I say we give them what they need…AIR SUPERIORITY. Iraq isn’t that far, nor is Saudi, or Israel, nor other bodies of water that we can gain sea control off. Come on guys, lets show the ruskies they can’t pick on the little guy, especially when the little guy is a friend of ours. FYI, I have had the same posting problems.

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