Comments Suck

Yes, I’m aware of the ongoing issues posting comments. It seems to be a bit on-again, off-again. But mostly “on-again.”

About a month ago I decided that drastic action with the site needed to be taken, but I haven’t been able to commit any amount of time to it until this week.

I’ve got two options that I’m investigating right now, and if testing tonight goes well on option #1 I’m hopeful that I can have the site migrated to a new set-up by the end of this coming weekend.

Again, I apologize for all of the problems you guys are having. If it makes you feel any better, I have just as much trouble posting as you do commenting. My recommendation is that no one upgrade to Movable Type 4 if they’re on version 3.x. At least not if they host at JaguarPC.

UPDATE: Holy crap! This post went through on the first try. I don’t think I’ve had that level of success for at least two months.

UPDATE 2: Predictably, the update celebrating success…failed.