NBC has axed MSNBC/National Geographic Explorer/Iraqi TV correspondent Peter Arnett after his analysis of the war was televised on Iraqi Satellite TV. Well, there’s probably a position at Al-Jazeera for him if he wants it. And now that his reports will stop, should we expect support for the war to grow? He claimed his reports of civilian casualties were strengthening the anti-war protesters. Well, at least people will be able to drive to work in San Francisco again soon.

Seriously, there’s always the possibility that he was “advised” by his interviewers to answer in certain ways and say certain things. Either way, though, NBC is doing the right thing.

And I’ve got to say that I’m amused when other talking heads express their shock about his comments. They take great pains to point out that he isn’t privy to the Pentagon’s war plans and isn’t in a position to analyze them. Then they turn around and analyze the Pentagon’s war plans. Some have already asked if firing Peter Arnett is a strong enough reaction to these events. I say even stronger action is required. Fire more people. At any of the news stations, really.