Georgian Tank Wreckage

Here are a few pics of what are described (by South Ossetian television) as Georgian tanks:



It’s tough to know for sure which burned out tanks belong to who. Everyone has what appear to be various flavors of T-72s.

More below…



Plus a Georgian ship:



  1. My guess it was nailed from the air (I’m assuming the first 3 pictures are the same tank). It has that pounded into the ground by God’s fist look to it. The tanks killed by other tank main guns usually have the turrent blasted off. At least that’s how the crappy Russian tanks die.

  2. Bram: My unprofessional guess is that you’re exactly right. Another picture I’ve seen that appears to be the same tank shows a good-sized crater next to it, such as might be expected from a near-miss (near-hit?). Could be arty, I guess, but not so likely? I totally defer to the pros on this, though. I’ll post the pic if I can remember where I saw it.

  3. looking at the compression of the suspension, and deformation of the road wheels, it looks like something hit it from the top. When a soviet tank gets penetrated, the turret tends to blow off due to the lack of a safe seperation of the ammo and turret compartment. This tank also appears to have the reactive armor, I’d guess it was probably a “top-down” missle strike like some of the newer systems are using. I’m not sure if “spike” systems from israel do that, but the javelin does. If you go to you-tube you can find the test shoots of the javelin, i’m pretty sure it’d make more of a mess than this.

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