MO: New & Improved

If you’re reading this, you are on the new site.

Things are still under construction, but I’m expecting greatly increased performance (on both your end and mine) and working comments.

There is currently a fair amount of IE weirdness. (What else is new?) I will be working on that and much more in the coming days.

But why take chances? Make the switch to Firefox!


  1. Dear Murdoc,

    I agree with 11Bravo

    I had to go out and get new glasses to read the comments. I think the font size is houvering around -6.

  2. Previously the main area of the blog was centered, with stuff on either side. Now the main area is fully on the left. Is this supposed to appeal to the leftists? 😉 Or is it because I use Safari?

  3. Yes, the comments have to be styled yet. This is currently the WordPress default. I will address that tonight.

    I had trouble importing comments and maintaining link structure at the same time, so I ended up quite a ways behind schedule and didn’t get all the details taken care of that I wanted to by Sunday night.

    Also, the double sidebar to the right of content is something I’m trying out at first. If it doesn’t go well I’ll switch back.

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