NERVES OF STEEL 16:01 29 Mar 2003

Here’s what to do if your tank is fired on by an optically tracked, wire-guided missile:

On Thursday, American military commanders briefed their troops on the new threat and how it can be countered by quickly maneuvering and firing in the direction of the missile, causing the person guiding the missile to move and change its course.

The Iraqis apparently have acquired some Russian-made Kornet missiles, similar to the US TOW. They maybe got them from Syria. The operator keeps the target lined up in the crosshairs of his sight, and the missile is directed to it via a wire trailed out from the missile to the launcher. I guess that if you’re being shot at by the machine guns on a tank, your concentration may be weakened. That’s true, but the tank gunner has got to to have ice water in his veins to pull it off.