Those Humvees are US Property?

I guess I had missed the fact that the Humvees the Rooskies were parading for the cameras, along with blindfolded Georgian prisoners, belonged to us. Jay Tea:

Those Humvees were in Georgia for recent joint military exercises, and were packed up and on the docks in Georgia for return to the US. The Russian soldiers have stolen United States Army weapons and are now being held deep in Russian-held territory.

Last time I checked, that sort of thing is an act of war. On the grand scale of things, it’s a minor act of war, but nonetheless it demonstrates Russia’s attitude towards the US — “we’ll do what we want, and you won’t do anything about it.” That even includes seizing our weapons — which were NOT being used, but merely happened to be present at a dock.

It could be, of course, that the troops didn’t realize what they were doing. But I guess the Russians owe us replacement cost for those vehicles.

I’m guessing the Bushmaster carbines belonged to the Georgian military, though. Does anyone know for sure?


Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister, said his country was “very disappointed” that Russia had not withdrawn its troops from Georgia, as agreed in the cease-fire he helped negotiate.


Then we have:

Russia rejects UN call to pull out of Georgia and also US says Russia is beginning pullout from Georgia.

We’ll see.


  1. I believe it’s time to airstrike those Humvees and everything in them. Might as well do the same to the USS pueblo while we’re all hot and bothered.

  2. I think we did sort of the same thing when that Mig pilot defected in the seventies. We had possession of a top of the line (at the time) super secret Soviet Mig-25 and they wanted it back. So we sent it back to them, totally disassembled in a crate… each separate piece, carefully measured, labeled and packed.

  3. Actually, for goods travelling by ship, title belongs to the bearer of the Bill of Lading (this is different from the usual legal principle). Those may or may not have been placed in US hands at that point. As I read it, if they were still being held by Georgians, the USA has a claim on Georgia for the value, not on Russia for the goods (Georgia would have a claim on Russia for the goods).

  4. You know what just occurred to me?

    We have *mountains* of commie equipment everywhere. Fifty years’ worth. Stuff we captured from the Iraqis, stuff the Israelis captured from Egypt and Syria which made it’s way to us, your occasional defecting pilot, hell stuff we even bought (small arms), maybe even gear the mujaheddin took in the ’70s.

    There’s commie crap seemingly in every CONUS base museum; still in storage after MASINT people had their way with it; or blown to its component atoms on firing ranges. We even have nice modern MiG’s in NATO front line service.

    So they rolled up and took a handful of Humvees out of storage crates? Well hey, if that’s what it takes for the Russian military to feel all grown up, maybe that’s ok.

    (tousles Russian infantryman’s hair) isn’t it? Isn’t it ok, big fella? Sure it is. Heh. Now go sit on the potty and wash your hands before dinner, ok? Ok.

  5. Does anyone know what communication/survalence equipment was installed in these Hummers? It would seem that if it was encripted satalite communication equipment the militarys complete communication,satalite systems,UAV`s might be compromised…Am I the only one concerned about this?

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