We should be seeing more than ‘signs’ by now

Signs of pullback by Russian forces in Georgia

IGOETI, Georgia – Russian forces appeared to begin fulfilling a promise Friday to pull back from positions deep inside Georgia.

No Russian forces could be seen Friday afternoon in and around Igoeti, which had been their closest position to Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. A Russian armored column also was seen moving away from a base in western Georgia and a Georgian official said that forces were leaving the key central city of Gori.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and other officials have said Russian forces would pull back to Moscow-backed separatist regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as well as surrounding security zones, by day’s end Friday.

Russian troops appeared to be continuing to dig in near the port city of Poti.


  1. Murdoc,

    I beleive that we have seen the only sign that Russia intends to give: The proverbial finger to Europe and the west, with the full implication that Russia will go where it wants and do what it wants when it wants to, and the consequences me damned.

    What does Russia need from Europe or the west? Nothing. It has vast resources of energy and minerals. It doesn’t actually NEED trade with the west.

    Europe, however, NEEDS Russian oil and natural gas. America (as in NASA) Needs Russian space technology to complete and operate the ISS, and as an emergency support for a Shuttle crew that might get stranded.

    Georgia is simply a test bed, an operational exercise for future Soviet, er, I mean, Russian, expansion(s).

    Meet the new Cold War. Same as the old Cold War.

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