So what?

Deported Mexicans face shattered lives

Over the past five years, deportations from the U.S. to Mexico have jumped 60 percent. As the AP observes, many of those caught up in the immigration crackdown have few ties to their “native” land.

So we’re clear, I don’t care one whit about ties or no ties or whatever. Really.

They’ve got a number of what I guess are supposed to be heart-wrenching stories or something. Blah blah blah.

This is retarded reporting, akin to how we hear about mass killers were treated badly when they were young sob sob sob.

UPDATE: Speaking of retarded reporting, did anyone happen to watch the men’s marathon last night? Those who did were treated to a segment on the lunatic who jumped out of the crowd at the 2004 marathon and tackled the race leader. During the segment, NBC gave the lunatic a chance to say what was on his mind.

Stupid. They should be ashamed of themselves.