Morale problems not hurting re-enlistment numbers

The Military Morale Myth

So far, despite a lot of hard work in some circles to get word out that morale is bad, the re-enlistment numbers for the National Guard haven’t dropped. In fact,

The Army National Guard, which has had the largest proportion of troops called up, has so far only lost ten percent of troops to attrition (not re-enlisting) among units returning from overseas. The normal rate of attrition, for all National Guard units, is 17 percent.

The quick article doesn’t note the overall percentage, so perhaps things aren’t as rosy as the ten percent figure would seem to indicate, but in any event things aren’t as bad as some people obviously wish they were.


  1. The numbers look that good now because of ‘stop loss’ in effect. So anyone in the guard can not retire and even if they don’t wish to re-enlist they are not allowed to leave Iraq or the guard until that is lifted. Those folks aren’t counted in those numbers. They are stuck like my Marine is who was suppose to leave the Marines in April. With stop-loss in effect he has to stay in Iraq until his unit returns and stay in the Marines till they let him go. Hardly an all volunteer army like they claim. ***

  2. From the same article, ‘While this is hardly World War II, we did have another Pearl Harbor and many of the troops have not forgotten September 11, 2001. ‘ After Pearl Harbor, we didn’t send troops to Korea instead of the Pacific to fight Japan, did we? I think alot of the troops would be willing to go back to Afghanistan to finish the job there. Iraq? No. It is like comparing apples to oranges. Osama and Saudi Arabia should be the targets here IF we are truely fighting because of September 11th. ***

  3. Wouldn’t we have to go ‘back’ to Pakistan to finish the job? We could get some out of Afghanistan, but most of them are no longer there. And then more screaming about sending troops to a country with not a single tie to terrorism. This particular choice is a lose-lose situation. People will scream at us no matter what we do. ***

  4. Hi Marine Girl, Don’t waste your time with Murdoc. I stumbled on one of his ‘democrats are traitors’ posts and if you look back, everything he thought back then has turned out to be wrong. Come September, even Republicans will be calling for a pull out. Petrais can’t tell us anything about political progress. Only war progress. Like, ‘we cleared a town of terrorists’, only to find they are in another town now. Wack a mole. And zero military progress has been achieved. If violence has gone down, it is because every neighborhood is segregated now. Sunni’s don’t live with Shiites anymore. So lets split up the country into 3 parts, give them their oil, do not give it to Chaney, because they won’t share it with the US Citizens anyways. They have abused us and the Iraqi citizens long enough. I say pull out now and Bush/Chaney get nothing. But they will still have the contractors there fighting a shadow war. They will still spend our tax dollars but instead of paying GI’s $30K, we are paying contractors $200K a year. And we are losing track of weapons, as if we want the war and violence to continue. Murdoc, are you THE Rupert Murdoc? If so, you are a dangerous man.