Starring Jack Lord

I submit that the opening credits of ‘Hawaii Five-O’ is the most awesome in television history:

The pull in to Lord standing atop that building starting at about 0:14 is, itself, awesome.

I remember watching it as a young kid, probably about the same time I also enjoyed ‘Cannon’ and ‘Barnaby Jones.’ We caught an episode last night on’s free video section, and I gotta admit that I found the style not only held up, it still seems a bit edgy. I was impressed.

Question: In the episode we watched, “To Hell With Babe Ruth,” McGarrett claims that Japanese pilots had shouted “To hell with Babe Ruth” as they attacked Pearl Harbor. I had never heard of this before, and a quick google returns the episode as the top hit. Other hits seem to indicate that Japanese troops shouted what they supposedly thought was a great insult during banzai charges and such, but I gotta say I am inclined to think it’s an urban legend that may have even started with this television episode. Does anyone know more about this?

Bonus: The episode in question also features actor Mark Lenard, best known for playing Spock’s father in the ‘Star Trek’ shows and films, in a truly scary Japanese get up. I wonder why they chose Lenard, which Wikipedia claims was born in Chicago to a Russian Jewish immigrant, to portray a Japanese ninja rather than an actor from, say, Japan. Unless maybe they had problems finding a Japanese actor to play a man who thought WW2 was still being fought?


  1. I’ve read that the Japanese would use loudspeakers to shout at dug-in US troops, “To Hell with President Roosevelt! To Hell with Babe Ruth! To Hell with Chet Atkins!”

    Ramping up the insult, you know.

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