I’ve got to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and am not ready to offer an opinion either way on whether the choice is a good one policy-wise or not, but I do think that McCain sure selected a lot more of a “hope and change” VP candidate than the “hope and change” presidential candidate.

I also suspect that running a woman for VP will wipe out a lot of the minority advantage that Obama held until around noon today.


  1. It’s amazing how much sexism is now coming from the LIBERALS around the country.

    The number of folks that are assuming that a woman brings nothing to the table except a couple of X chromosomes as an insulting attempt to steal women voters from Obama seems quite alrge.

    It never occured to them that a woman with an “R” by her name might be a capable politician, to them, a woman is just a tool to get voters. (For them with Clinton, away from them with Palin.)

    Though, I’m sure THEY won’t see their attacks on her as sexist…

  2. You guys are killing me. Last week every one is all over Obama and his preparedness to be commander in chief. Mocking him for being inexperienced. Now John Mac chooses a 2 year governor of the State of Alaska to be a heart beat away from leadership of the free world? This is somehow a wise decision? Looks like John just proved the fact that Obama’s level of experience is more than sufficient.

    It is not sexism to state that she is ill prepared for the job. In fact it is poor judgment for anyone to think that Hillary supporters will support any woman no matter her qualifications. Liberals wanted a QUALIFIED woman like Hillary Clinton. Many of the attacks on Hillary from right wing radio have focused on her being a fat B***h and the like. Those are sexist attacks, and stupid commentary.

    My vote was hanging on who John tapped as a running mate. He blew it in my eyes.

    BTW, Murdoc, what is up with the ad that appears on your page? I am afraid to click it thinking that it is a dirty trick.

  3. Incidentally, the free Obama sticker ad from that is showing up on this post is a Google-served ad, not an editorial selection. I think I could block it if I wanted, but why bother?

    If you want a sticker, go sign up.

  4. JPBaz: Looks like John just proved the fact that Obama’s level of experience is more than sufficient.

    I hate to state the obviously obvious, but the vice president isn’t the president.

    You guys are killing me. Last week every one is all over McCain and his preparedness to be commander in chief at his age. Mocking him for being too old.

    Now suddenly someone is TOO YOUNG. That’s hilarious.

    Let me guess: Anyone between the ages of 46 and 48 is just right. Otherwise you’re too old or too young.

  5. As far as I know, Palin has shown political courage in going after corruption in her own party. That is more than one can say of Obama or Hillary. She is a governor with a sky-high approval rating. Obama is a two year time-server in the Senate with no accomplishments. How can you say that she is less qualified?

    Besides, if something happened to McCain and she suddenly became president, she could always pick an experienced VP. That was good enough when Obama did it.

  6. As far as the lack of experience meme goes, well, this is an area where the lefty Dems lack of military experience hurts them once again.

    It’s a textbook case of them fighting the last battle.

    Meanwhile, McCain just opened up 4 or 5 new fronts, and completely consolidated the rear.

  7. Palin should call out Obama for a direct debate, High Noon fashion. Obama (of all people) called her unfit. She has the right to challenge him.

    No one will watch or care about the veep debates.

    But a veep cand debating the pres cand would be historic.

    If he accepts, let the games begin. If he doesn’t, he should just drop out now.

  8. I’ll watch the VP debates! If Biden gets off-script, he is libel to put both feet in his mouth. It will be hilarious as she clubs him like a baby seal.

  9. I don’t really like Obama or McCain so their vp picks was gonna help me decide who to vote for. McCain because of his age picking a really good vp was important for me and I think he screwed up and yeah not gonna vote for him. Picks some lady I’ve never heard of who before being a Governor was a mayor of some small ass town I’ve never heard of and actually asked “What does a VP do?”. So yeah no way in hell I want there to be a chance for her to ever be President of the United States.

  10. There you have it folks. Eric hasn’t heard of Palin before and apparently know virtually nothing at all about her other than a couple of cheap shot comments. On those grounds, he’s disqualified her.

    Informed decision making at it’s finest.

    They let these people vote.

  11. I just sent money to Palin and that ugly guys she’s running with. First time in my life. Amazing what a good set of gams will get ya’ to do.

    Say, did ya’ hear the one about the Fighter Pilot and the Naughty Librarian?

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