Palin: A brilliant choice according to the Left

Murdoc’s been sick, away from the internet, and busy. (Plus lazy, on top of it all.) He hasn’t had time to really do much research on McCain’s VP pick Gov. Sarah Palin. But a quick scan of the interwebs has convinced him that the McCain campaign made an absolutely brilliant decision, one that they cannot counter.

What proves this? Well, look at the Leftie reaction. The main criticism seems to be that either she’s too inexperienced to be VP, she’s too good looking, or that her most recent baby is really her daughter’s baby.

And I think that’s it. If there’s any rational, logical opposition to Palin I’ve yet to see it. They are apparently coming up empty.

They’ve had all weekend and all they can think of is to claim that her baby isn’t her baby?


  1. Well, considering that the campaign just announced her oldest 17 year old daughter is knocked up, and plans to marry the father and have the kid, that kinda takes some of the wind out of the grandmother-as-adoptive-mother theory. Unless the daughter is a huge slut and this is number two.

  2. Here’s another one: DUI 22 years ago

    This is really the best the muckrakers can come up with?

    I’m just stoked about the possibility of a hot second lady. She’s way easier on the eyes than Cheney or Al Gore, or Dan Quail.

  3. Not only that, but the baby isn’t getting aborted for convenience sake, or because “it would ruin her daughter’s life”…good. Shes sticking to her principles.

    Of course the feminazis are probably pulling out their hair over this one.

  4. There was a comment I read that was right on the mark: Isn’t it interesting how all the “Pro-Choice” folks get so agitated when someone actually, you know, chooses?

    Let’s see: Moose hunts, Ice fishes, cooks, raises kids, negotiates a treaty with Canada, was beauty queen, Mayor and Governor.

    Yup… I think we got us a keeper, and boyoboy, aint 2012 gonna be interesting, eh?

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