Hard-Hitting Political Analysis at Runner’s World

I don’t mention it much, but Murdoc is a runner. In fact, he’s training to run a marathon this fall.

Anyway, Runner’s World writes a bit about the fact that Sarah Palin is a fairly serious runner:

Not just a “oh, I go jogging once in a while” kind of runner, but a “I’ll get my run in or else” kind of runner. The woman named her first born “Track” for Pete’s sake, because he was born during track season…

Palin’s routine is to run 7 to 10 miles almost every day but she has been known to take time off, not during an election year, but during a pregnancy year (she’s a mother of five). She returned to work three days after giving birth to her fifth child, Trig, in April (is her husband a math teacher?) and is now back to running three miles every other day.

Though they talker her up a bit due to her running, they’re not closed-minded:

We’re not saying you should vote for someone just because they run (although this could be our chance to lobby successfully for wood chip running lanes between sidewalks and roads). So in the interest of fairness, we would now like to invite Democratic veep nominee Joe Biden to give birth to eight children, name one “Fartlek,” and run an ultra. Then we’ll write about him.

Some of the comments are, predictably, fairly amusing. The running crowd I’m familiar with is, largely, fairly liberal (ooops, they like to call it “progressive”) and Murdoc doesn’t really fit in so well. Environmentalism is a big draw, which is understandable, but they mostly seem fairly uninformed. I doubt many of them are gun owners, either.

UPDATE: Forgot the link earlier.


  1. “I doubt many of them are gun owners, either.”

    Heck, Liberals don’t need those dangerous things which are often the cause of innocent citizens being killed and maimed. Besides, guns are a symbol of raw, uncontrolled macho aggression according to many psychiatrists.

    A real liberal much prefers to forgive and turn the other cheek rather than be saddled with the guilt of having harmed anyone.

    By the way, I believe Slick Willie was a runner. Every morning he received a little inpiration from Monica and ran all the way to Burger King.

    Or was it he was running from “thunder-thighs”?

  2. MO,
    You’re a stud for taking on a marathon. I hope you bring your laptop and liveblog the whole ordeal.

    I wonder, if it meant that much to you, whether you could just train elsewhere. Are you near a university? You might ask to do PT with the ROTC cadets. Their politics will run the gamut but they’re not douchebags about it.

  3. Much better than I can do. I admit, even as an ROTC cadet, I’m way out of shape. I have this semester, being chased by 1Sgt in our program in charge of PT, to get going to minimum standards. Good job taking that one on.

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