Dissing the base: Usually a bad idea

I’ve already written more about Palin than I really wanted, but this is also interesting: Angry readers dump Us Magazine over Palin

Somewhere I saw that cover online and thought that was probably a bad move, considering that a huge percentage of the magazine’s readers are probably in the demographic most likely to support female candidates regardless of party.

Apparently, the number of cancellations has reached 10,000 or more.

I’m not saying that publications or performers should be handcuffed into supporting whoever their base supports, but pissing off lots of soccer mom types is going to help Us Weekly’s numbers in the same way that bad-mouthing President Bush and supporting PETA helped the Dixie Chicks with country music fans.

related to this, Oprah Winfrey has apparently decided against having Palin on her show. Winfrey is a major, major, major Obama supporter. That right there probably doesn’t play well with a lot of her viewers, a large percentage of which I’d guess are probably Hillary supporters. But to dis Hillary by supporting the Big O and then to dis Palin won’t resonate with her fans. Well, it will resonate. Just not the way she intends.

The Palin rush will subside in a week or so. Fortunes may have changed by then, though.


  1. “The Palin rush” encapsulates it well. People are going nuts over her just like they did over Obama when he spoke at the DNC back in the last presidential election. It’s got to come back to something more reasonable soon.

    Just the same, I find it funny as hell to watch the liberal watchdogs of all things politically correct contort themselves in a way such that can try to justify doing the same things they always scream at troglodyte conservatives for. The usual hypocrisy of PC dogma is on full display. Its like a game of cards, only no one can decide whether female or African American trumps.

  2. Looking back at history, and being very blunt, I’d say the females SHOULD trump the African American (male). Since the beginning of time, well, if you are a learned individual, past the 6,000 years this world is supposedly created in, women were always the downtrodden. If Human history can be summed into a 24 hour clock, women’s rights only came about most likely in the .002 second mark.

    As for PC. I’ll say shit to not offend anyone It’s how I was taught and raised. Be considerate of others. To do it in the extreme and then defend your perversion of it makes me want to puke.

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