Our Pakistani Allies

Danger Room: Pakistan Pretends to Fight Taliban, for U.S. Cash

It’s not a coincidence that US operations in Pakistan have been slowly getting more attention. If you want it done right, you do it yourself.

I don’t know how widespread the sort of deception we’re reading about really is, but it has seemed clear for a long time that, despite official government policies and public statements, the Pakistani effort near the Afghan border is shaky at best. As long as the extremists are in the western hinterlands of the country, doing more to threaten Afghanistan that Islamabad, why should Pakistan really put too much effort into it?

For the record, I also suspect that another of our allies also goes through a lot of motions in the fight against terrorism, only giving an ‘A’ effort when the bad guys threaten the local regime and not caring so much when it’s someone else on the receiving end of the suicide bomb. (Hint: The name of the country starts with a “Saudi” and ends with an “Arabia”.)

Go read the report and follow the links at Danger Room.


  1. Pakistan just elected the most corrupt guy in the country President. Maybe we could bribe him enough to stop faking raids.

  2. Well, I have little issue with the “Old Europe” tag, but I’d hesitate to lump Germany in with Pakistan or Arabia.

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