I BLOW MY NOSE AT YOU! 22:55 27 Mar 2003

Steve Den Beste at the USS Clueless thinks that maybe the reports of location and mission by embedded reporters may be intentional “leaks” to keep the Iraqi forces from pulling back into Baghdad.

If they’ve [US planners] given up on the idea of mass surrenders, and come to the conclusion that large parts of the Republican Guard will have to be destroyed, then it’s better if it be done in the open countryside. So it’s a good thing to entice them into making an attack, and the only way they’ll do that is if they know where we are.

Obviously we’d rather fight the RG in the open (or relative open, anyway) rather than in the streets of Baghdad. Honestly, I’m mystified that they didn’t fall back into the city as soon as the incredible speed of our advance was apparent. They are acting as if they believe they can defeat us in battle. Not to underestimate an enemy, but that seems insane.

However, to suggest we’re purposely giving out location information through the press to bait the Iraqis into a fight seems like a stretch. And a Christian Science Monitor reporter was kicked out of the Marine unit he was with exaclty because he gave out too much location info.