We can all be in the Big Red One

Army, Sears clothing deal irks lawmakers

Foreign battles aren’t new for the 1st Infantry Division, but this firefight is from another world, a clash between the New Army and Old over plans to commercialize the 1st Division’s historic “Big Red One” insignia in a sportswear line at Sears.

It seems to me that this cheapens the insignia.



  1. First of all, I was totally unaware that Army insignia such as unit patches were copyrighted. The guys who make their livings selling patches and pins at gun shows better start putting away some $$ to defend against being sued by DoD in the future.

    Second, you gotta love this company statement, “All American Apparel Inc…apparel is designed in the U.S. Our production is sourced globally and is manufactured in facilities that meet all required labor and workplace standards.”

    Eh, so made in China by slaves. Got it.

    It goes on: “Our efforts have resulted in a great product at a great price that people can wear, enjoy and show their support for our troops.”

    They can do that any number of ways without buying your crummy t-shirt. Like give the $$ you might have spent on this to the USO, say.

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