Stretched a little thin

Where Are The Divisions? – Nov 1st

The intro includes this about the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division:

The new Stryker Brigade is loading onto ships for the long journey to Iraq to begin its peacekeeping duties and for a real life test as to the effectiveness of the armored car in combat. In some circles there is controversy that the brigade is not being flown to Iraq. However, the long-range deployment of large motorized or mechanized unit is always more efficient by sea although it takes longer. The 96 hour deployment of a brigade sized unit by air to a combat zone would take nearly all the C-5s and C-17s the Air Force owns and these platforms would not be used in assault landings in the first place. Still, it would be good to have visible proof that the Stryker is or is not deployable over short distances via C-130.

Readers will know that MO is very much in favor of deploying this unit to Iraq, and that I’ve suggested airlifting at least part of it as a demonstration of the true capability that all that money and effort is buying. I’m guardedly optimistic that the Stryker will prove a success. We’ll see.