It seems that the 101st Airborne Division is preparing to enter the fight. According to this, they are in a truck convoy headed north. Earlier, elements of the divsion were reported up near the 3rd ID near An Najaf, setting up positions for helicopter operations. Will we see an air assault in the coming days? Of note in the article is this:

Division commanders expressed concern about the safety of the convoy, because of earlier attacks by irregular Iraqi forces against Marine and Army units in Iraq’s countryside and cities.

Another worry is that livestock or children might be pushed in front of military vehicles in an attempt to stop them, possibly to set up an ambush.

“If a civilian tries to block the route, run them over,” said Lt. Col. Ed Palekas. “Do not stop.”

Troops were also told to be on the alert for anyone approaching as if to surrender.

The Americans are to show their weapons first and then, if anyone acts menacingly, shoot.

That’s a pretty bad deal, but what choice do they have? Come to think of it, he could also be talking about driving through downtown San Francisco.