The New SiteMeter Sucks

Really really sucks. Sucks, as in Murdoc will probably be dropping SiteMeter from all his sites at the end of the month if this is for real sucks.

Just my opinion. It’s only after looking at it for a little bit. However, unless my browser has been hijacked and this really isn’t SiteMeter, I probably won’t be changing my opinion.

UPDATE: Murdoc will give them credit. They appear to be in the middle of a total roll-back due to negative feedback and performance issues. Though I believe that their screw-up is of monumental proportions, they wasted no time stepping back. You can’t really ask for a whole lot more.

I was a bit surprised to see that the bad feelings about the new SiteMeter were so widespread. Lex had rounded up a few links, and in the comments section here asked what I might be thinking about trying.

Well, the first traffic meter I ever used (other than the old Blogspot meter) was ExtremeTracker. That served well for quite some time, and I kept it running until just a few months ago when I removed the code from MO during some housecleaning. I also have Google’s Analytics set up and running, though I don’t often look at it. I’m not overly excited to get more involved with Google, and I’m glad that SiteMeter is rolling things back.

UPDATE 2: Even more linkage to suckery at PoliGazette.


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