Taliban Targeting Canadian Elections

The Taliban Calls Out The Canadians

Strategy Page reports that Taliban spokesmen have announced that they are going to concentrate their attacks against Canadian troops in Afghanistan in order to influence the upcoming elections.

Most Canadian politicians recoiled at this Taliban threat, and vowed not to be intimidated. But the Canadian people, via strident coverage of Taliban threats, and army losses, are influenced. The Islamic radicals have plenty of fans (largely among the Moslem community) in Canada who report, via email and pro-terrorist message boards, what the mood is in Canada. So the Taliban are feeling pretty sure of themselves, and some of them believed that openly boasting about their strategy would speed up the process.

Isn’t it odd that the Taliban would come out and say this so clearly? I’m going off the account in Strategy Page (which doesn’t link to its sources) and know very little about exactly what this “announcement” really was. But this seems odd.

Could we be seeing games within games here?

Regardless, the Canadians have been doing a pretty bang-up job in Afghanistan for years with little recognition in the US or support at home. We need them on our side.

With things in Iraq looking (on the surface, at the current time, etc. etc.) as if they’re settling down significantly, we’ll be seeing a lot more attention on the long campaign in Afghanistan. That fight is going to go on for a long, long time, and the end state is not going to be a particularly pretty one no matter who wins in the end. The eventual victor is going to be the one who has the determination to stick it out.