Friday Linkzookery – 19 Sep 2008

I’m experimenting with putting a few Linkzookery-type short posts in during the week with little in the way of excerpts or commentary, but that doesn’t mean the Linkzookery has gone the way of the tyranosaur, the dodo bird, or Ross Perot supporter.

As always, feel free to add links to this post in the comments section. Link to anything you think MO readers may enjoy, and don’t be shy about linking back to your own blog. One can never have too much linkzookery.

US strikes Taliban camp in South Waziristan
Reportedly coordinated with Pakistan.

Ultimate Basic Training Series
Be Prepared for Basic Training!

The 20 Most Obnoxious Anti-Palin Quotes So Far
The Palin shine seems to be, predictably, fading a bit. But I have little doubt that hardcore haters will keep things lively until election day.

Blame the bloggers Chapter 1,384
Apparently we’re the cause of the gasoline panic.

Photo Ticket Cameras to Track Drivers Nationwide
Private companies in the US are hoping to use red light cameras and speed cameras as the basis for a nationwide surveillance network

Ike Reveals Fort Morgan Shipwreck
Too bad it’s not a tanker full of oil.

The T-34 Forever
If it ain’t broke…

10 Scary Zombie Killing Weapons
I don’t even know why I’m encouraging you people…

UPDATE: The real world interfered with adding the rest of the zookery, so here it is a few hours late:

High-Tech ‘Batman’ Ship in Florida Drug Raid
Stiletto strikes.

NASA To Discuss Conditions On And Surrounding The Sun
The sun’s solar wind is at a 50-year low. I’m not sure when it dropped or if it has any noticeable effect on the earth’s climate, but I’m interested to learn.

American Widow Project
Designed to care for the widows of US troops.

Al Qaeda’s Defeat In Iraq
Michael Totten corrects Obama on his statement that the invasion of Iraq “gave al Qaeda time to reconstitute itself.”

Ships that Won’t Sail
The LPD 17 San Antonio-class ships are a total disaster. Shoddy workmanship seems to be a the top of the list of Major Problems.

Light Armored Vehicles & Stryker Summit
Looks like an awesome time. In Vienna, VA, November 17-20. Press passes for writers of topic-related articles. Who wants to see a 3-parter on light armored vehicles?

Antifreeze for high prices: Competition
Something Frank Warner wrote for Ralph Nader in 1974.


  1. My son is practising for the Stan in Nevadastan. He is a green beanie. I am a retired Marine. I am living this one vicariously through him and my son-in-law who is in the Marine reserve and will be going back to Iraq soon.

    I hate sitting it out … being old is hell.

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