Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary, Parker, CO

Got a tip about this in the inbox: Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide therapeutic, curative, supportive and recreational services to veterans, active military personnel, their spouses and children in a leisure environment.

Our mission is simple. Give our returning heroes time to reunite and bond with their families. At the same time, provide the veteran, their spouse and the kids support and opportunities to tap into resources, so that their lives can continue towards a positive and productive path. We are helping to give American families the best chance to stay intact, be happy and self-sufficient.

Scheduled for 2009-2010 completion, the Project Sanctuary Recreation and Rehabilitation Center will be constructed complete with swimming facilities including hot tub and therapy pool, fitness facilities, rehabilitation and physical therapy space, and spa, steam room, dry sauna and message center.

Project Sanctuary is located in Parker, Colorado. We’ve got family in Parker, and it’s a great spot.


  1. My company manufactures Moveable Floors for the use in aquatic therapy. We are currently installing on at the Dallas VA Spinal Cord Injury Center.

    Do you have plans for a Moveable Floor to be able to conduct aquatic therapy at different depths of the pool?

    Please let me know…Mike Cherry 630-533-8883

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