NUTS! 13:44 26 Mar 2003

According to a post on The Command Post, CNN has said that the Iraqi column supposedly on the move south of Baghdad contains 1000 armored vehicles. That doesn’t seem likely, but who knows? This is all sort of reminiscent of Germany’s Ardennes counter-offensive in December, 1944. There, a huge surprise attack by Nazi armor tore a huge bulge in the Allied front during bad weather that had grounded Allied air power. The Battle of the Bulge was long and bloody, but when it was over, Hitler’s army was wrecked.

If the Republican Guard is really on the move in numbers, they had better pray the storms keep up. Either way, there will be one hell of a fight if these reports are accurate. And in that 1944 battle, the 101st Airborne Division held the town of Bastogne against all comers although badly outnumbered, out of ammunition, and without warm-weather clothing through particularly bitter winter storms. So far, the 101st hasn’t had much to do. That could change quickly.

Update 16:07 26 Mar 2003

Everyone is jumping on the “Republican Guard on the Move” bandwagon. Can this really be possible? Between this move, and the maneuver of 120 armored vehicles out of Basrah in the south, what the hell are they up to? Do they really want to fight us in the open? At night?

Update 19:45 26 Mar 2003

Okay. CNN says it’s less than 1000 vehicles. Fog.